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Deep Tissue MassageNice to be Kneaded - A traditional full body massage, incorporating a blend of Swedish, Neuromuscular and Cranio-Sacral Massage to unlock those deep rooted knots and fill your mind and body with a feeling of deep relaxation. Come let our fingers do the walking.
60 Minute - $85  or  90 Minute - $115
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60 minute 6 pack - $425, 90 minute 6 pack - $575
Prenatal Massage
Mama's Little Helper
Is the stress and strain of your new baby getting you down? Come let Avi relax your aching back and shoulders and soothe away those sore feet with a relaxing prenatal massage.
60 minute session - $85
90 minute session - $115
Stoned Again (Hot Stone Massage) - Get grounded as your entire body is caressed with smooth, warm rocks that have been polished to perfection by nature. You'll feel like you're sinking into the earth as the penetrating heat melts away tension and stress, and feel those aches and pains disappear. This soothing experience is based on the science of thermotherapy - an ancient practice using alternating heat and cold to loosen muscles and joints and to center body, mind and spirit.
60 minute - $110, 90 minute - $140

Hot Stone Massage


Salt Scrub - Let the Goddess of the Sea scrub away that dry patchy skin and leave you with that healthy glow. A mixture of natural sea salts, the finest aroma therapy essential oils and sweet almond, grape seed and macadamia nut oils are used to slough away those dead skin cells and draw the toxins from the deeper layers of the skin and dermis to purify and cleanse your body, and draw the blood up to the surface layers of skin to help provide nutrients and oxygen to repair and replenish your skin.
45 minutes - $85
Foot Reflexology - An Ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage on the feet, Reflexology restores the flow Footof energy throughout the body, relieving soreness and tension, instilling a sense of overall comfort and relaxation.
30 minutes - $50
Listen Up! - The ancient folk remedy of ear candling originated in China, Egypt, Mexico and Italy. It cleanses the ear of built up cerumen (wax) and debris allowing for a clear vibrational flow. By relieving the pain and pressure in the outer and middle ear, this technique has helped many people with various ear disorders such as tinnitus, swimmer's ear, blockages causing hearing loss and chronic ear and sinus infections.
30 to 45 minutes - $50

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